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Many of our clients share with us they desperately need stress reduction, periodic cleansing, and to enjoy life more! At RAFFI Wellness, we believe the foundation to vibrant emotional, mental, and physical health is creating a lifestyle incorporating these daily habits: breathing, hydration, self reflection, movement, nutrition, living on purpose, & resting. 

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Ready to Explore How Essential Oils Can Support Your Health?

For over 18 years we have been researching and exploring essential oils from all over the world. Our recommended brand of essential oils for our students is the doTERRA essential oil brand. We love the quality and the many resources doTERRA provides our students and clients. It is not safe to simply google your ailment, talk to a friend and then start using essential oils. We recommend you use one of our RAFFI Health and Wellness Educators and the credible resources we personally recommend as you begin your journey into Essential Oils.  We welcome you to explore our Our RAFFI Health and Welness Essential Oil Web site for all of your Essential Oil Product needs.

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