Ahshah.Jewelry Collections

We offer Original, Handcrafted Inspired Jewelry made with Semi-precious Stones. Here are our main jewelry collections:
RAFFI Featured Collections, RAFFI 12 Tribes Collection and, i. am. serene Collection.

12 Tribes Collection

Unique, hand-crafted designs from the highest quality precious and semi-precious stones and inspired by Exodus 28:15-20.

NOTE: Most of our designs are one-of-a-kind and may not be able to be duplicated or reproduced once sold.

RAFFI Signature Collection

The RAFFI Signature Collection features themes throughout different seasons, such as RAFFI’s Black and White Collection, RAFFI’s Mother, Father, & Child Collection, RAFFI’s Aromatherapy Collection, and more. The RAFFI Aromatherapy Collection offers the dual benefit of style and substance! Most items in this collection feature lava stone which acts as a portable diffuser and is offered with the appropriate essential oil blend .

i. am. Collection by serene

Explore the  i.am. Collection by serene, featuring clothing and jewelry designs by Serene, a 10 year old little girl who loves creating designs with messages for girls. The positive messages in Serene’s designs are meant to encourage girls to share their feelings, while also realizing that they ARE NOT their feelings. The main message is that it is amazing to be in touch with how you feel, but is also important to affirm our feelings ARE NOT who we are. For times when they may feel weak, they can affirm they are STRONG. For times when they may feel unsure, they can affirm, they are CONFIDENT. If the young girl in your life is needing to feel: IMPORTANT, LOVED, SERENE or AT PEACE, have her wear her i. am. clothing and accessories by serene to affirm just that! Click the SHOP NOW button to explore items from the i. am. serene Collection.

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Clothing can be purchase here: 

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